If someone told me that there is a new technology that can answer basically every question you ask it in the most conversational way possible 3 years ago, I would have laughed in your face and said “What in the Black Mirror is this?”. But today, That is exactly what i'm telling you, THERE IS A NEW TECHNOLOGY THAT CAN ANSWER BASICALLY EVERY QUESTION YOU ASK IT IN THE MOST CONVERSATIONAL WAY POSSIBLE! 

Now answering questions does not seem all that exciting. We have seen google and yahoo do that since the internet’s stone age, now this is what makes ChatGPT, Open AI’s recent creation, so drastically different from your same old search engines. ChatGPT does not show you links or related websites for your questions like our beloved search engines, it gives us solid answers detailing and explaining every part of your question. To give more context let's say we are searching “what is nuclear fission” in google, this is how google responds:

Now on the other hand, if the same question is asked to ChatGPT, this is how it responds:

Instead of getting 10 useless websites to browse through, we got our answer served on a platter. Now let's say you're still not satisfied with your answer, you can ask Chat GPT to make it simpler, 

ChatGPT not only gives you an answer to your question, it can also interact with you to simplify and complicate the answer further to your convenience. This interactive customizable feature sets ChatGPT apart from basic search engine bots. To put it into perspective if google was an Innova, ChatGPT would be a Land rover.



Today’s market is predominantly crawling with chatbots in every direction. These chatbots can be considered as a less smarter version of Chat GTP. Even with their lack of skills, these  chatbots have a market size of about 525.7 million USD. Now in a market already saturated by chatbots, where does ChatGPT come in? 

Chatbots are pre programmed to answer only a specific type of question, for example if you ask a swiggy chat bot how to make fried schezwan momos, chances are you won't find your answer. ChatGPT on the other hand is extremely intuitive and has the ability to fetch you the answer no matter what your question is. So in situations where the customer inputs are gonna be flexible, Chat GPT is our guy.

Other than making college students’ life easier by helping them write every midterm essay in minutes, what could this software be potentially (emphasis on potentially) used for?

  • Health Care Sector: Automated conversations regarding first aid, prognosis, and answering other immediate medical questions that cant be posed to a doctor.  
  •  Tech Sector: Writing codes for apps and websites for startups almost immediately 
  • Customer Service:  This technology can revolutionise customer care by providing seamless 24/7 assistance.
  • First Responders: With a lot more work, this technology can drastically change the way our first responder hotlines function. 


It is to be kept in mind that the software is still a prototype with a lot of flaws. It is not as intuitive as the creators claim it to be as a lot of questions are left unanswered. It is an extremely entertaining piece of technology, but is it going to cause major stirrups in businesses? Definitely not right away.  There have been numerous reports of factual inaccuracies by the AI. The authoritative answers don't always come out right. So according to us we wouldn't trust ChatGPT with health care services just yet. With that being said, this AI is still considered to be one of the massive steps towards a Tony Stark like reality. But for now, we would just suggest you stick to  milking this AI for homework answers.