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Cities of Adventure is a series of unique and imaginative children’s travel guides. This book will soon be converted into a Netflix series.

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Figma prototype , Webflow website .

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We work on fixed as well as custom pricing models depending on the requirements.

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support and post design

We delivered a full product prototype and the webflow website within 8 weeks and spent a few days generating feedback from key stakeholders.


The Goal

The founder of Cities of Adventures, an imaginative children’s travel guide, wanted TwoWords to create a website that was low-maintenance and lightweight, yet had all the aesthetics and functionality to attract the target audience.

He needed two major aspects addressed:

Objective 1: Better Engagement

The goal was to have a single interactive platform that would hold the integrity of the series, while hosting several other book strategies.

Objective 2: Point of Sale

There was also a need to build a channel to improve sales, add value and be more useful to the end-user.

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what we did

We created a unique and engaging web flow-based site that accommodated map box-based animations.

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The website became one of the most popular websites on the portal worldwide. The attention the website got generated interest from various studios.

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Visit the website Citiesofadventure

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L'immagine del tuo brand deve essere rivoluzionaria quanto il tuo prodotto

Point of Sale

To build a stand-alone channel on the platform that might increase sales, add value, and benefit the user.

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Anche i prodotti più innovativi hanno bisogno di un brand forte per ottenere buoni risultati di business

Better Engagement

The idea was to combine several book strategies on a single interactive platform while maintaining the series’ originality based on popular geographic allocations.

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