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Torroz is an Anolog investment consulting firm going digital by building India's first Pre-IPO market place.

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A clickable prototype and website.

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We delivered a full product prototype within 4 weeks and spent a couple of weeks generating feedback from key stakeholders.

Fin tech

The Goal

Torroz, a branch of Sight Global ventures, approached TwoWords to undergo a complete digital transformation to appeal to a broader range of customers. They wanted their customers to have a centralised tool to buy and transfer ownership without going through PDF and Google sheet exchanges.

They wanted an intuitive dashboard that could help guide their customers through the entire process. Open up various investment opportunities to customers and create a knowledge base that could store documentation about these opportunities. This would make the entire process more transparent.

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What TwoWords did

We showed them other opportunities, such as highlighting the potential for the system to aggregate data, verify it and implement automated document execution. We also helped create a dashboard design to ensure that all documentation could be processed through a single portal, allowing them to track and monitor their clients.

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Our approach allowed us to generate in-depth feedback on all aspects of the product and drew the attention of one of their top investors. They used the design we provided in their pitch deck to begin fundraising.

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Visit the website Torroz

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Anche i prodotti più innovativi hanno bisogno di un brand forte per ottenere buoni risultati di business

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L'immagine del tuo brand dovrebbe essere rivoluzionaria quanto il tuo prodotto

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L'immagine del tuo brand deve essere rivoluzionaria quanto il tuo prodotto

Improve Knowledge Transfer

The goal was to enable employees to discover what are
1) Insurance Plans and Coverage Details
2) Upgrade policy and add memebers
3) Claim Management and Hospitalisation Lists

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Anche i prodotti più innovativi hanno bisogno di un brand forte per ottenere buoni risultati di business

Unified Health Insurance

More than 60% of India in uninsured. HS aims to solve the problem of insuring employees seamlessly without having to

Making The Platform

The aim was to create a platform which allows employers to manage employee insurance seamlessly, this also acts a sales channel as it allows employees to insure their family and manage insurance, claims all in one place

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