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"Their creativity and design skills were impressive in the workflow."
- Co Founder

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HealthySure is an InsurTech platform working toward innovating employee health protection.

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We delivered all round digital consultancy right from Product Design to No Code Dev for a Web App.

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We worked on a custom pricing model.

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support and post design

We delivered a full product prototype within 8 weeks and spent a few generating feedback from key stakeholders.


The Goal

HealthySure had a vision of creating a brand-new product that would unify the entire health insurance experience. Of course, they came to TwoWords and asked us to work with them on their product design so that they could create a powerful pitch to garner the support to design the entire product. HealthySure gave us some key insights and discussed the areas they wanted to address.

We learned some interesting facts.

1. More than half of the entire Indian nation is uninsured!

2. Insurance sales don’t rely on sales pitches, but rather enable quicker decision-making.

3. The entire insurance industry relies on effectively leveraging the proper channels to help people make the right decisions quickly.

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What we came up with

We got a detailed download from HealthySure; we made an effort to understand their business model and goal precisely. Our entire focus was on understanding how design could help them achieve their goals.

We met with them regularly during the following eight weeks, showing them a new prototype design every week. This helped them understand and form an idea of how the product would reach the market. TwoWords also consulted with leading InsurTech experts to ensure that we didn’t miss anything.

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TwoWords delivered a complete website, a b2b web app design, a b2c web app design and no code API integration. All that, in just two short months.

HealthySure used these designs in their pitch deck and various other collateral to help fundraise. They did great; they were able to raise US $1 million.

These designs were inserted in their pitch deck and fundraising collateral, which enabled them to raise more than a million dollars.

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Anche i prodotti più innovativi hanno bisogno di un brand forte per ottenere buoni risultati di business

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L'immagine del tuo brand dovrebbe essere rivoluzionaria quanto il tuo prodotto

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L'immagine del tuo brand deve essere rivoluzionaria quanto il tuo prodotto

Solving for Discovery

To enable employees to explore HealthySure and its features (insurance plans, coverage details, adding members, upgrade policies, claim management, and hospitals list) with the help of a simple, noninsurance-like user interface.

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Anche i prodotti più innovativi hanno bisogno di un brand forte per ottenere buoni risultati di business

Business Model and Opportunities

To use a powerful channel like B2B products to resolve the issue of employers to smoothly provide health insurance to their employees.

Design for Scale

To develop a platform that enables organizations to manage employee insurance in a streamlined and speedy manner. The platform will also serve as a sales channel, allowing employees to ensure their families while managing insurance and claims via a unified single system.

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